Pemberton & National Parks

Pemberton & National Parks

This Camping Trip is for the independent camper who wants to experience the life on a very picturesque, productive, 500 acre Farm/Winery on the outskirts of Pemberton. The Campsite is nestled amongst Very Tall Karri Trees adjacent to a Dam full of Marron, overlooking Vineyards and Potato fields. From here we explore Warren River and D’Entrecasteaux National Parks.

Monica and David, our friendly hosts invite you to stay 3x Nights on Pemberley Farm for just $99/person. This includes wine tasting, maron, and the tasting of local, fresh produce, a trek around the farm, and use of their BBQ adjacent to their Homestead. Click on our video links to view a short videos on Pemberley Farm and one of our recent Pemberton Camping Trips.

NEW customers will at times be joining experienced, independent campers who love using their Off-road Camper Trailers and Caravans. We are a happy bunch of campers willing to share our experiences and stories around the Campsite, especially during “Happy Hour” at Sunset. Discuss the Pros and Cons of your Camper, Caravan, 4WD and /or Camping Gear.

On most occasions we will be joined by a very well known local identity Mark Hudson and very dear friend, to explain in detail the Flora and Fauna found in the area.

Please be aware that the roads near Pemberton are unsealed and with some narrow tracks. And it is important that you check that your vehicle insurance covers you for travelling off-road, on non gazetted roads. 

It is essential to bring a Walkie talkie or CB for directions whilst driving, a shower tent, esky or fridge and portable toilet. Take a rain jacket and some warm clothing as weather conditions can change unexpectedly. Speak to Dave about your Camping Equipment needs for this Camping Trip.

Our Itinerary –

Thursday– We will be departing from outside my shop in Balcatta 8am, making a toilet stop at Donnybrook along the way. We will reach our campsite approx 12.30pm to set up and have lunch and meet our Hosts Monica and David. For those who want to stretch their legs and breath in the fresh air, lets go for a one hour trek and find out what makes Pemberley Farm one of the most successful farms/winery’s in the region.   Then off to explore Warren River National Park. Trek along the banks of the Warren River or go for a swim. Checkout the view from Warren Lookout of this spectaular forrest. Happy Hour on sunset at our Pemberley Farm Campsite. 

Friday – Morning coffee at Fair Weather Dairy at the Pemberton Pool, before a majestic 1 kilometre walk to the famous Gloucester Tree, a fire lookout tree overlooking the Karri forest. The adventurous, fit ones amongst us can climb this amazing 53m high Tree. Time to have lunch at Pemberley Farm and taste some great wines. Purchase a bottle or two to take back to our campsite and share with your fellow campers.

Saturday – Off to explore DÉntrecasteaux National Park and experience Four Wheel Driving on Yeagarup Sand Dunes in the morning, Jarrah Jacks for lunch and afterwards swim and/or a walk around Big Brook Dam returning to our campsite via the Karri Forest Drive checking out Beedelup Falls.

Sunday – Depart 9.30am from Pemberley Farm. Coffee at Southern Roasting, Manjimup or Barking Cow Café at Bridgetown on the way home.


Our Campsite in the months of January, February, and March will be in the Warren National Park because Pemberley Farm is very busy harvesting their Grapes, etc.

Fellow campers, you DO NOT need to return to Perth with the Convoy/Group if wanting to Explore further this Exciting, Picturesque Area of the South West of WA. Discuss with David your Itinerary or plans to explore more of the local Attractions as listed below :-

  • * World renowned food and wines in the many scenic wineries surrounding Pemberton 
  • * Lake Jasper in the D’Entrecasteaux national park is the largest natural freshwater lake in Western    Australia and covers an area of about 450 hectares. It is unique because it has no in or out   tributaries and is 10 meters deep and accessible only by 4WD.
  • * A little further west is Black Point, in the far northwestern part of the D’Entrecasteaux National     Park between Augusta and Windy Harbour. The black Basalt columns were formed about 135   million years ago.
  • * The Cascades are a series of low falls in the Lefroy brook. The road has been sealed and is accessible from the historic Tram, which departs from Pemberton twice daily.
Ningaloo Station on Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Station on Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Station is a sheep station located in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia about 40 kilometres North of Coral Bay. It is bordered to the north by Cape Range National Park. The station has an area of approximately 50,000 hectares and offers accommodation to travellers to the area in the form of camp-sites.


Ningaloo WA 6701, about 12 hours north of Perth


Things to see and do

  • See Ningaloo Reef- one of Ausltralia’s most colourful coral reefs
  • Camp on a beach and see a stunning coastal sunset
  • Snorkel and fish in sheltered coral bays
  • Wildflowers – The Ningaloo coast, Cape Range and North West Cape nurture a large variety of flora, with more than 630 species recorded in the region. Sturt’s desert peas, purple mulla mullas, flannel bush, green birdflowers, rock growing Ficus and many other species may be seen. The general time wildflowers can be found is July-October (depending on rainfall).
Indian Ocean Drive

Indian Ocean Drive

Starting from Cervantes spanning north, the Indian Ocean Drive offers a scenic journey to the coastal towns of Cervantes, Jurien Bay, Green Head, Leeman, Dongara and Port Denison. Cervantes is a short 2 hour drive from Perth. The Indian Ocean Drive is a scenic but quick road, making the area an excellent day trip destination or the first port of call on your journey north along Australis’ Coral Coast. These seaside towns are great short break destinations offering plenty of things to see and do on the coast and inland.

The best time to travel and take in the beauty is August to October to coincide with the stunning wildflowers.


Indian Ocean Drive is a coastal road in the Australian state of Western Australia that runs between Lancelin with the Brand Highway, just south of Dongara. Most of the road exists in the Wheatbelt coastal region.


Things to See and Do

  • Stop along the way to gaze in awe at the largest collection of wildflowers from August to October to coincide with the wildflowers season.
  • Visit the pristine beaches of Jurien Bay, Cervantes, Lancelin and more
  • See one of Australia’s most unique landscapes – the Pinnacles Desert
  • Camp on a pearl-white beach and experience a stunning coastal sunset
  • See some of Australia’s most unique coastal towns along the way
Bremer Bay

Bremer Bay

Redtrack Eco Adventure Tours – Join Dave on a 8 day Camping Adventure to Bremer Bay

Why is this place Special?

When we leave the main road leading into Bremer Bay we 4WD through typical coastal scrub to be greeted by a breathtaking view overlooking 10Kms of pristine beach, lagoons, huge sand dunes, and crystal clear oceans, full of sea life. We are at the top of a scarp from where we work our way down slowly in 4WD Low Gear, along a limestone cliff/track to our campsite behind a sand dune just metres from the beach and on our OWN! Independent camping at its BEST with NO one else around for miles. This is truely a UNIQUE experience to camp on a pristine beach and waking up to the sound of the waves breaking not far from your campsite, with just your group of fellow campers close by. OR watch the sunset over the ocean from the top of a huge sand dune and see the sand turn to the colour of gold. Have fun trekking up these majestic dunes that spread fine sand over the landscape for miles. From here you will feel like a KING OF THE LAND because there is NO ONE for miles, just sand and the Southern Ocean.

OH Yes! The highlight is the Lagoon at the other end of the beach from our campsite where we simply watch the waves break over the reef just metres off the beach. Have lunch here under the shade of your 4WD awning whilst you watch your friends swim safely inside the reef, protecting everybody from the rough ocean swell beyond.

Reach into your car fridge and pull out a cold beer to past the time by and chill.

It doesn’t get anymore relaxing than this!!!

Then its a very scenic drive back to our campsite along the beach with the Ocean on your left and Huge sand Dunes towering over us to the right. There is plenty of time to stop along the way and see for yourself if there is a school of salmon swimming around, tempting you to pull the fishing rod out!

This Place is undoubtedly one of the gems of the South of WA. NO wonder Dave asks everybody to turn Off the Location services on their mobile phones. We don’t want the crowds to find this place!

Speak to Dave about this Great Destination.


Our first night stay is at Mt. Trio Bush Camp and Caravan Park to break the trip up. It is at the northern base of the Stirling Ranges 391 Kms from Perth. The following day we only have short trip to get down to the beach to set up ready for lunch.

6 nights camping in one spot on a protected beach.

On the 4th day camping on the beach we may head into the Township of Bremer Bay for lunch at the Tavern and some some sight seeing, as it is very picturesque. Also, this is an opportunity to stock up and empty your portable toilets.

One night Camping stop over at Cape Richie on the way back to Perth.

Campers must have a 4WD and be fully self sufficient. You must have a quality, portable toilet with environmentally friendly chemicals and a Pop up shower Tent. I recommend the Fiamma 20L Bi Pot Portable Toilet. I can make these available at $140 plus delivery of $22 if needed?

It is essential that you have a 120 watt + Solar Panel to charge your Camper Battery whilst we camp on the Beach. If you have to take a Generator please let me know ASAP as they can annoy people in such a tranquil environment. Hence, there needs to be set hours and minimum 30m power leads to keep everybody happy!

You will need a tyre compressor for your 4Wd Tyres for travelling on the beach.

A portable side awning on your car is very handy for shade when we bask in the sun at the Lagoon during Day Trips.

Shade Cloth from Bunnings is far cheaper and light weight for using as an efficient ground sheet for the floor in your camper annexe. Not those expensive annexe mats that people make the mistake in purchasing.

Hire campers are still available if you need a camper to take on this trip. Click here for details –

Departing 8.30am Monday 6th January on the Grass Area out the front of the Shop 7/30 Erindale Rd. Balcatta


COST for Dave as your Tour Guide – $990/car/8 days if you own or Hire one of my Cavalier or Eureka campers.

Do you want to be a Passenger in Dave’s New 4WD 200 series Landcruiser. Lets chat about the cost for this option.


Bremer Bay

Things to see and do

  • Go fishing and boating along Australia’s amazing South West coastline
  • See incredible reefs, perfect for snorkelling and swimming
  • Relax in a tranquil coastal bay sheltered by cliffs and sun-swept dunes
  • Experience an amazing sunset view from one of Australia’s largest sand dunes just meters from the waves
  • The rural town of Bremer Bay is situated just an hour’s drive away from our chosen campsite and offers a range of sights unique to a west coastal town 
Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park is a vast wilderness area in the Hamersley Range of Western Australia. In the park’s north, Oxer Lookout has views of the Weano, Red, Hancock and Joffre gorges. At the edge of Weano Gorge, a trail leads to Handrail Pool. To the east are the red rocks of Dales Gorge and the cascades of Fortescue Falls. Indigenous wildlife includes Australian goshawks, ring-tailed dragons and desert tree frogs.

Dale gorge has three major attractions: Fortescue Falls, the Circular Pool and Fern Pool are prefect for a day’s trip. The Dales (Fortescue) camp ground is close by. Savanah campsite is the most well-equipped campsite with showers, toilets and a tavern. From the campsite you can trek down to the bottom of Joffre gorge to be amazed by the shear size and unique beauty of Joffre falls. The trek is well marked but make sure you take a backpack, camera, towel, drinking water, food, and an inflatable mattress that can be used to paddle rather than swim in the cold water.


Karijini National Park is situated in the Hamersley Range between the townships of Tom Price and Newman and is approximately 1400 Km’s from Perth along the Great Northern Highway.


Things to See and Do

  • Dales Gorge – At Dales Gorge you can experience three major highlights of Karijini National Park and Australia’s Pilbara region.
  • Karijini Visitor Centre: The visitor centre is a fascinating part of any visit to Karijini National Park.
  • Oxer lookout that overlooks the junction of Handcock, Joffre and Weano gorge.
  • Joffre Gorge – Joffre Gorge is a stunning natural amphitheatre with a spectacular curved seasonal waterfall.