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Bremer Bay and beyond! Camping in an Isolated Bush Campsite, central to remote beaches and Fitzgerald NP. 8 days

January 11, 2025 - January 18, 2025

Car $1150
Redtrack Eco Adventure Tours - Bremer Bay camping and tag along

Redtrack Eco Adventure Tours – Join Dave on a 8 day Camping Adventure to Bremer Bay

Camper Trailers, Hybrids and small caravans welcome to tagalong in our convoy. SUV’s are welcome as long as they have the 4WD capability to drive in soft sand for when we go exploring, eg Subaru 4WD cars.

View our 30 second videos here –

January 2024. New, improved Itinerary from the last 5 years, exploring Bremer Bay and Fitzgerald National park.

Instead of camping 6 nights on the beach as seen in the photo above, at the mercy of the winds, we will camp at a Bush Camp in a remote area approx 35 Kms West of Bremer Bay. It is well equiped with toilets, hot showers and kitchen. It is central to many of the secluded, nearby pristine beaches with easy access to the main track into Fitzgerald National Park. We don’t camp in towns or busy caravan parks. A great way to disconnect from the 4G phone network and annoying calls. To get away from the digital world and just chill. From our bush camp we depart 9am to explore the whole area with something new and exciting to experience every day. NO NEED to 4WD down to the beach with a heavy camper or hybrid in tow. Have a look at our new, revised itinerary now by clicking on the heading.

Why is this place Special?

When we leave the main road leading into Bremer Bay we 4WD through typical coastal scrub to be greeted by a breathtaking view overlooking 10Kms of pristine beach, lagoons, huge sand dunes, and crystal clear oceans, full of sea life. We are at the top of a scarp from where we work our way down slowly in 4WD Low Gear, along a limestone cliff/track to a remote beach approx. NO one else around for miles. This is truely a UNIQUE experience to explore by 4WD, swim, and fish, a pristine beach with just your group of fellow campers in convoy. Lets watch the sunset over the ocean from the top of a huge sand dune and see the sand turn to the colour of gold. Have fun trekking up these majestic dunes that spread fine sand over the landscape for miles. From here you will feel like a KING OF THE LAND because there is NO ONE for miles, just sand and the Southern Ocean.

OH Yes! The highlight of this area is the Lagoon at the other end of the beach from where we descended on the incoming track. From here we can simply watch the waves break over the reef just metres off the beach. Have lunch here under the shade of your 4WD awning whilst you watch your friends swim safely inside the reef, protecting everybody from the rough ocean swell beyond.

Reach into your car fridge and pull out a cold beer to past the time by and chill.

It doesn’t get anymore relaxing than this!!!

Then its a very scenic drive back to our track out along the beach with the Ocean on your left and Huge sand Dunes towering over us to the right. There is plenty of time to stop along the way and see for yourself if there is a school of salmon swimming around, tempting you to pull the fishing rod out!

This Place is undoubtedly one of the gems of the South of WA. NO wonder Dave asks everybody to turn Off the Location services on their mobile phones. We don’t want the crowds to find this place!

Things to see and do –

  • Nearby Fitzgerald National Park apparently has 50% of the the states Bio Diversity, is remote, pristine, with spectacular views over coastal cliffs and beaches. Lets explore with Dave as he points out some awesome campsites to visit on your next visit. YOU WILL BE BACK!
  • Let Dave help organize a memorable boat trip out into the Southern Ocean to view the famous Orcas (Killer Whales), along with whales, seals and sharks that feed and live in these waters with Whale Watch Western Australia. Just read some of their reviews as they are the true professionals, venturing out in the safety of a 26m catamaran.
  • Go fishing and boating along Australia’s amazing South West coastline
  • See incredible reefs, and lagoons, perfect for snorkelling and swimming
  • Relax in a tranquil coastal bay sheltered by cliffs and sun-swept dunes
  • Experience an amazing sunset view from one of Australia’s largest sand dunes just meters from the waves
  • The rural town of Bremer Bay is just an 1/2 hour drive from our chosen campsite and offers a number of secluded bays, and beaches, with the local town beach on the edge of Wellstead Estuary, Devils Creek.

Speak to Dave about this Great Destination.

Tour route to Bremer Bay via Mt Trio Bush Camp

Site Seeing in Bremer Bay and Fitzgerald National Park

On payment of the 25% deposit receive a fully comprehensive INFORMATION PACKAGE to help you get organized for this Adventure Camping Tour. This has been put together with over 40 years experience and will include the following via a Google shared link, emailed to you.

  • Itinerary and tour description
  • Camping Information and Checklist sheet to tick off
  • Summary of Hired Equipment sheet to tick off
  • Participant Medical History sheet to complete
  • Information on how to apply for a National Park Pass online
  • Sheet with all the names of the participants, their mobile phone numbers, and Convoy Position
  • Convoy Etiquette
  • Maps of the local area and National parks
  • Any additional day Tours included in the itinerary
  • Redtrack Tours Terms and Conditions to sign
  • Folders full of pictures TITLED :-

                                                                        Camping Equipment & Accessories

                                                                        Communal Cooking and Meal suggestions

                                                                        Hire Eureka Offroad Camper Trailer

                                                                        Pictures of our Tour


    ITINERARY. Bremer Bay Tour Jan 2024


  1. Mt Trio Bush Camp at the base of the Stirling Ranges.
  2. Bush Campsite, 35 Km’s west of Bremer Bay Township
  3. Explore remote beach adjacent to our campsite. Lunch at the lagoon, 4WDriving, swimming, snorkeling, fishing. ALL day.
  4. Explore remote, pristine beaches – Fosters, Stream, Dillon.
  5. Trip into Bremer Bay Township. Orca Tour group departs Fishery’s Boat Harbour 8am. Rest of the group for breakfast and coffee at Wellstead Museum & Café. Explore Bremer Bay – Bremer Beach, Wellstead Estuary for swim and walk/4WD. Explore Little Boat Harbour and Blossoms Beach. Early dinner at Tavern for the whole group.
  6. Explore Fitzgerald NP ALL day. Historical Quaalup Homestead, drive to Gordon inlet and Tooregullup Beach, trek West Mt Barren, lunch and swim Point Ann.
  7. Lay day, or choose to visit our adjacent, remote pristine beach and lagoon for another very relaxing day.
  8. RETURN PERTH via Mount Barker Bakery

Join Dave's exhilarating 4WD tour as a passenger, leaving the planning, organising and driving to him!

Experience this exclusive 4WD journey - seats are limited, so book now!

  • Comfortable Ride: Experience comfort and unparalleled scenic views aboard Dave's 200 series Toyota Land Cruiser as you journey through landscapes effortlessly.
  • Guided Experience: Your tour leader will be alongside, providing assistance, answering queries, and ensuring a fun-filled journey.
  • Effortless Camping: We'll assist in setting up and packing away our easy touring tent/mattress when camping. (See picture below for reference.)
  • Essentials Included: Stay refreshed with cold drinking water and have access to a readily available medical kit.
  • Ready-to-Use Gear: Arrive at the campsite to find all necessary camping equipment ready for use—touring tent, mattress, portable toilet / shower tent, mobile kitchen, cooker, fridge, esky, lighting, water, utensils and more. (Refer to the list below.)
  • Food and Gear: You're responsible for your bedding (not mattress), food, and cooking. Get ready for a blast! We'll spice things up with communal cooking sessions on select occasions, adding a fun and flavorful twist to the adventure!
  • Luggage Guidelines: Keep your luggage and food sizes similar to carry-on luggage on airplanes. Drop them off to Dave in advance.
  • Passenger Responsibilities: No worries about navigation, car maintenance, or refueling—Dave has got it covered.
  • Fees Clarification: Campsite and National Park fees are not included. Station campsite fees are approximately $20/night/person and should be paid via the shop before departure.
  • Total Tour Cost: Check the total tour cost below and make the deposit through the shop or directly to Dave.

Prices per person in Touring Tent

Bremer Bay, Shark Bay, and Helena Aurora Range, 7-8 day Tours $2000.
Karijini 11 day Tour $3000.
All 3-5 Day Tours $1290
50% deposit to confirm Booking.

Make tour passenger bookings by directly contacting Dave on his mobile at 0417912385. Please note, Dave might be on a tour and could be out of phone network coverage.

Hire Camper Trailers are available to passengers & can be towed behind Dave’s 4WD. Normal hire camper rates apply. Hire a camper now!

Please note: To ensure the tour proceeds as planned, we require at least 6 car bookings to be made at least 60 days before the scheduled departure date. Therefore, we highly recommend making your bookings as soon as possible if you’re interested!

Bremer Bay & Fitzgerald NP - Tour Costs

Tour Dates

11/01/2025 to 18/01/2025

Total Tour Cost (per car)

$1150 for 8 Days

Campsite Fees

Bush campsites protected from wind   $20 per person / night

50% deposit to book tour
Full payment due 60 days prior departure


Payment of the tour deposit represents an acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

Secure your participation on this trip by paying the deposit now.

Needing a camper? Hire it from us

If hiring a camper:

Eureka Hire
Cavalier Hire



Pick up of the Hire Camper


Number of Days of Hire
One day to pack, one day to clean and return.


Hire your camper from us, the people who build, maintain the campers and take you on the tour.

Do you want to be a Passenger in Dave’s New 4WD 200 series Landcruiser?

What it means to be a passenger in Dave’s 200 series Landcruiser whilst on Tour:   

  • Provide comfortable seating with easy views of the surrounding landscape whilst on route.

  • Your Tour leader is with you most of the time to offer help and provide answer to questions whilst on route. Oh! And good humour!

  • Help you with setting up your quick/easy touring tent/mattress when making camp and packing away when departing. See picture below.

  • Cold drinking water and medical kit readily available.

  • Make all camping equipment readily available to you on arrival at campsite -
     - Popup toilet/shower tent
     - Mobile Kitchen, Cooker, fridge, Esky, lighting, water, utensils.

  • Passenger responsible for their own bedding, food, and cooking. However, communal cooking on a few occassions is the way to GO!

  • Passenger’s luggage size not to exceed “the same size as carry on luggage to a airplane” and your food a similar size. To be dropped off to Dave well before the day of departure.

  • Passenger NOT responsible for navigation, car maintenance, or fueling up.

  • Campsite and National Park fees not included. Station campsite fees are approx. $20/night/person. Campsite fees to be paid via shop prior to departure.

  • Passengers TOTAL TOUR COST as seen below with deposit paid by EFT online or via shop. -
     - Karijini, Bremer Bay and Solar Eclipse Tours $2850 including GST. $375 deposit to confirm Booking.
     - 3-5 Day Tours $1290 incl. GST. $645 deposit to confirm Booking.

  • Hire Camper Trailers are available and can be quoted on request.

  • Dave invites people to register for one of our Info nights to find out more by clicking here.
    View your Touring Tent, 3x persons.

Need to hire a Camper Trailer?

We are proud to offer you a great off-road camper trailer at a great price. Head over to Camper Trailers WA and hire your camper trailer now.

Hire a camper trailer


January 11, 2025
January 18, 2025
Car $1150
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